Madonna Strips for Malala

by duncanr

Taliban fighters boarded a school bus in Pakistan and shot a 14 yr old girl, Malala Yousafzai, in the head because she was campaigning for the right of Pakistani girls to be educated –

Doctors have removed the bullet from her head and are hopeful she will recover – though if she does survive this attack, the Taliban have vowed they will try again to kill her

Malala’s plight has evoked sympathy and support from people around the world. The most bizarre, and the most . . . inappropriate message of support, came from Madonna – who stripped on stage to support Malala

To imagine muslims would not be offended by her dancing, scantily clad, in a sexually provocative way shows a shocking lack of understanding of islam on Madonna’s part. As a message of support for Malala, far from helping, it is more likely to damn her even more in the Taliban’s eyes.

[Cynics might well-believe that Madonna’s action was less about supporting Malala and more about generating some cheap publicity to help boost ticket sales for her current tour]

3 Comments to “Madonna Strips for Malala”

  1. I don’t see it as a necessarily misguided tribute but…


  2. Why would anyone be offended by Madonna engaging in a bit of self-publicity?

    Ignore the dozy mare. Ignore stuff that you don’t like, don’t wish to engage with, or don’t wish to believe. Above all, respect the wishes of others to not believe stuff that you do.

    Religious belief is the most dangerous weapon in the world today.



  3. Wow – at last ! A common link has been forged !

    The Taliban’s attempt at murdering a 14 year old schoolgirl and Madonna’s baring of middle-aged drooping tits and salt ‘n pepper cunt in response (albeit in modesty-preserving, carefully-selected, stage-managed underwear.)

    The common link . . ?

    . . . both actions illustrate how East and West are totally bereft of any kind of meaningfull morality.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we are fast approaching a new, and mutually understanding, dawn.


    Oh . . . and, not forgetting, PBUH, of course.


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