Bloody Weather

by duncanr

fatman in boat200The UK has been getting lashed with rain for weeks now, causing rivers to breach their banks, and fields and towns to be flooded. Many folk have been forced out of their homes because of the rising flood-water and many more have been evacuated as a precautionary measure. Power has been cut off to some areas, and road and rail communications disrupted (some pics of the flooding here –

(many more days of these rains and floods and Somerset will be independent of the rest of the UK long before Scots have had the chance to vote to be an independent nation once more)

Now on top of all the rain, we have strong winds to contend with. I am fortunate that despite . . .
wind blowing man and dog350the days of incessant rain I live in a part of the UK that so far has escaped any serious flooding, but when I took the dogs round the park after work today, the wind practically lifted me off my feet, such was its strength. As it was, with the wind at our backs, pushing us along, we were almost running and must have set a record for the fastest circuit of the park so far

And they say this bloody weather is the consequence of global warming?

Christ, I’d hate to imagine what global freezing would be like !

12 Comments to “Bloody Weather”

  1. Exactly! If you find some global warming send it our way please and thank you. πŸ˜‰


  2. It was incredible here today. A mini tornado. Trees down everywhere and almost 250,000 without electricity. When you think we are a population of 4.5million, that is a lot of people without electricity!


  3. This winter has been quite extreme and long. We’re in a deep freeze, and you’ve (well, a lot of Britain) been flooded out.


  4. When I look out of the window here and see blue sky, it’s hard to believe that my parents have battened down the hatches as 100km /h winds batter their home. Don’t do a Mary Poppins on us, Duncan!


  5. What really pisses me off about this lot is the intervention of the politicians.

    When it was just large chunks of Somerset, Devon and Cornwall that had been underwater for weeks, none of the slimy buggers were interested. however, as soon as the Thames bursts its banks, and the flooding gets a little closer to home then they’re all out pointing their fingers at everyone but themselves and promising that they’ll do all that they can.

    Some news for you lads; you already have done all that you’re capable of doing to help the situation.

    Fuck all.


  6. Damn, damn, damn these Moroccan breezes we’re getting.

    I found SIX olive leaves in the swimming pool this morning – tsk !


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