Riddle Me This . . .

by duncanr

kaboomAnis Abid Sardar has been sentenced to 38 yrs in prison after being found guilty by a British court of building improvised explosive devices (home made bombs) – one of which killed an american soldier in Iraq

now I would be the last person to defend anyone who deliberately set out to harm another individual – but a superficial read of this case raises a number of questions in my mind

firstly, Sardar was accused of . . .

building an IED which killed an american soldier in Iraq – so why wasn’t he extradited to the US and tried in an american court of law ?

secondly, it seems there were a number of IED planted on the road leading out of Baghdad – one of which caused the death of the american soldier

Sardar’s fingerprints were found on two such devices but NOT, apparently, on the particular device that killed the american soldier – so why did the jury find him guilty when there was no direct evidential link between him and the dead american soldier?

putting that question aside – having established the legal precedent that the maker of a deadly device is accountable for any deaths that result from the employment of that device, can we look forward now to charges being brought against the big international arms manufacturers for the death and injury resulting from the employment of their product?

and if not, why not ?


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One Comment to “Riddle Me This . . .”

  1. Look, stop being awkward, Duncan – arms sales are good for the economy.


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