Are You Shitting Comfortably ?

by duncanr

probably not!

[- as this ad for a ‘squatty potty’ illustrates]

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10 Comments to “Are You Shitting Comfortably ?”

  1. No, sorry… Obviously there was mistake at my supermarket today and they gave me the wrong kind of mushrooms. There is no way that was not some kind of weird hallucination.


  2. Disgutsing!

    AAAAUUUUURRRRGH!….. How to wipe purge eliminate remove that from the mind’s eye????


  3. Obviously stolen from the forthcoming Ratty Cooks (Vol Stinkque)


  4. Anyone for an arsecream?


  5. How did you find behind the scenes footage of the Fox News think tank?


  6. That simply wouldn’t work in America–only a British presenter could do that with such subtle hilarity.

    I think I like the haiku most of all–it’s actually quite good.


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