These Boots are Made for Walking

by duncanr

wish I had a fraction of this guys energy –

3 Comments to “These Boots are Made for Walking”

  1. He lost me at the sky gods thing but I kept reading and I’m glad I did because this passage is poignant:

    “Shaving down one’s pack weight, he said, was a process of sloughing off one’s fears. Each object a person carries represents a particular fear: of injury, of discomfort, of boredom, of attack.”

    I did the same thing hiking the Rockies. I hiked alone, brought no weapons, no phone, and the tiniest first aid pouch in North America. True, I was ascending mountains, not thru-hiking, but compared to most, I was flouting The Ten Essentials that most hikers are judged by, and I do mean judged.

    But he lost me forever at proudly embracing pain and slyly relabeling comfort as fear. That’s one of those sky god things. Clean underwear isn’t caving to sin, it’s respecting your ass.


    • It’s an awesome feeling being alone in a wild place. I love the sense of peace and tranquility – makes one realise how insignificant and transient our lives are when compared to seas and mountains but as an atheist I’ve never been drawn to bring ‘god’ into the equation – still, each to their own!


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